LG-Spanker Mega Update 4.21.0819

The LG-Spanker 4.21.0819 is now available with many new functions and add-ons. And also in German & English like most of our product range. Further add-ons will follow. And make the most popular spanker even more attractive. We also offer you a starter pack Spanker + HUD that is a little cheaper than buying it individually. So be attentive and check back often. So that you don't miss anything.

BLS System NEW

The LG-BLS is now the LG-BLS Core and part of a system that the customer can choose to expand with additional components at will. And thus the functionality can be expanded. This means that the LG-BLS is in the 4th generation and part of a fantastic system that is kept in a beautiful mesh design, as are all the expandable components of the system. We'll tell you a little outlook now - more components will be available in the future.

Your LG team.

LG products now in German & English

Our products are available now and in the future in 2 languages. We have decided to bring the international SL residents to the benefit of being able to use our products. With regard to our ambitions to keep the number of scripts and the size of the script memory used as low as possible, we have decided not to deliver the products in a multilingual version, but in two separate versions. When you buy one of our products, you get both versions and you can choose which one you want to use. There are 2 products that are identical in terms of function and are completely equivalent.

Your LG team

Donation Collector Barometer (Mesh)

From now on you can get the LG donation collector TC in 100% mesh. In doing so, we are also bringing this product into line with the new Secondlife Standard. And offer you our popular donation collection product in a prim saver version with only 1 prim. Additionally, now also a logo field so that you can set up your donation collectors with your own logo texture.

LG-Radio Update's

The radio updates are now available for OSD as well as for normal radio. The standard LG radio is now available in version 2.13.0201. The standard LG OSD radio is now available in version 3.13.0205. Both radios are equipped with a design selection and thus include all 4 LG designs that are available.

Error Support System

From now on you will receive better support from LG Enterprices. This is available for customers via our website interface .

Enlargement of our product range

We now also offer you sculpted furniture including animation menu and animations of course in top quality and with the usual support as with all LG products. Of course we hope that you like this and continue to work on new products and features in order to always offer something new to the SL residents. (Of course, in German an English as usual). Important: Every customer is automatically registered on our website and can log in there You can get the password for login here at our online terminal in the main store Secondlife directly in the entrance area. Teleport Mainstore

LG's products in MARKETPLACE with direct delivery!

We will continue to offer our products in the Secondlife Marketplace in the future. Our marketplace range has now been switched to direct delivery. We hope you enjoy this new feature with your approval. Furthermore, we will not set any surcharges for marketplace sales, in order to keep the marketplace articles attractive for you. Of course We will also post other articles on Marketplace soon. LG-Enterprices

Welcome to LG Enterprises

LG-Enterprices is a company in Secondlife which specializes in offering the products completely in German and English in Secondlife. Our range goes from extensive data systems to simple everyday solutions for everyday second life needs. Our products are completely self-made, scripted and given their own textures. LG-Enterprices was founded in mid-2007 and has become a fixture in Secondlife. We try to incorporate this experience into our products as best as possible. We always try to put quality before quantity and this at a fair price, if possible always below the competition, of course.