Produkt Beschreibung

LG-Watch is a 100% mesh watch in a bracelet watch design with a real digital time display. The one with your functions in design & color selection
offers a variety of possible design appearances. Furthermore, it can be adapted to any time zone in the world. So she is from
SL residents who come from every country on earth can be used.


295 L$

1x LG-Watch [GER] 2.21.0730 (mod/copy/no transfer)
1x LG-Watch [ENG] 2.21.0730 (mod/copy/no transfer)
1x LG-Watch [Color-HUD (GER/ENG)] [Tragen/Wear] (mod/copy/no transfer)


- Complete German & English menu (2 versions)
- Access mode selectable by owner or group.
- Time zone menu for setting the correct local time around the world.
- Design menu for the bracelet & buckle with 11 designs each.
- Design menu for display border, buttons and lock with 9 designs.
- Color menus for text, display & clock body with 11 colors selection via menu.
- Color HUD with 16 million color options for text, display & clock basket.
- Automatic summer and winter time changeover can be switched off for other than Europe.
- Gloss menu for the watch body & display border with buttons and clasp
- Status menu with display of the current settings
- 2 date formats UK & US selectable via menu
- In the delivered size Land Impact: 2
- Free updates


Automatic summer and winter time changeover:
The function is a function for Europe that can be activated and deactivated on request. Remember that this was developed for Europe
function cannot guarantee that this also works 100% for other time zones. Therefore this is to be switched off if necessary.
Nevertheless, you can still use the watch to its full extent. But we are still working hard to improve this even further.


Setting the time zone:
The LG-Watch works with the GMT time code, which means that the desired time zone is Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)
is to be judged. For this purpose, we give you some time zone examples for the alignment according to GMT. Use the menu timezone (+)
& Timezone (-) !!!

GMT+0    Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)
GMT+1    Central European Time (CET)
GMT+2    Eastern European Time (EET)
GMT+3    Moscow Time (MSK)
GMT+4    Armenia Time (AMT)
GMT+5    Pakistan Standard Time (PKT)
GMT+6    Omsk Time (OMSK)
GMT+7    Kranoyask Time (KRAT)
GMT+8    China Standard Time (CST)
GMT+9    Japan Standard Time (JST)
GMT+10    Eastern Australia Standard Time (AEST)
GMT+11    Sakhalin Time (SAKT)
GMT+12    New Zealand Standard Time (NZST)

GMT+0    Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)
GMT-1    West Africa Time (WAT)
GMT-2    Azores Time (AT)
GMT-3    Argentina Time (ART)
GMT-4    Atlantic Standard Time (AST)
GMT-5    Eastern Standard Time (EST)
GMT-6    Central Standard Time (CST)
GMT-7    Mountain Standard Time (MST)
GMT-8    Pacific Standard Time (PST)
GMT-9    Alaska Standard Time (AKST)
GMT-10    Hawaii Standard Time (HST)
GMT-11    Nome Time (NT)
GMT-12    International Date Line West (IDLW)