LG-Dancer Tipjar

Produkt Beschreibung

- The LG-TipJar in version 3.21.0714 is a menu-driven & nbsp; TipJar for use as an owner - in a group - or    
        for the public. (So a multi-talent, he has all the current techniques!)
- He's just placed and turned on!
- In the delivery state, blinking, rotation & nbsp; and chat off and can be switched on if necessary!
- Exactly this state is restored with a restart!
- Tips and tip lists are saved until the user logs out !!

249 L$

1x LG-Dancer Tipjar [GER] 3.21.0714 (Deutsche Version) (copy - no trans)
1x LG-Dancer Tipjar [ENG] 3.21.0714 (Englische Version) (copy - no trans)
1x LG-Dancer Tipjar [Color-HUD (GER/ENG)] [Tragen/Wear] (copy - no trans)


- Completely German & amp; English menu (Intelligent). (2 versions)
- 4-way operation possible (OWNER / GROUP / ALL / Z-LIST).
- Including payment sound for every incoming payment.
- Rotation function lets the TipJar turn (can be switched on / off).
- Chat function lets the TipJar call out a text of your choice. (Can be switched on / off).
- Chat function can be selected in 3 modes (WHISPER / TALKING / SHOUTING).
- The light function makes the TipJar blink (can be switched on / off).
- Integrated sensor and can be switched off.
- Options [RESTART / UPDATE / COLORS] - (Is only for the owner).
- Design selection in the design menu to choose the design of the TipJar (21 designs).
- Color selection menu-A to choose the color of the flashing light (11 colors).
- Color selection menu-B to choose the color of the prime text (11 colors).
- Including color HUD German & amp; English with up to 16 million colors for flashing light & amp; Primtext.
- Special effect running light in the shoe seam.
- Sound menu for payment sound. (Can be switched off).
- Status menu which clearly shows all settings.
- Update with this function you get updates for your TipJar.
- Compatibility with LG Tip Board V2.21.0711 (NEW!) From Tipjar version 3.21.710 or higher.
- Supports DisplayNames!
- Mono-Script compatible.