LG-Tip Board

Produkt Beschreibung

- The LG Tip Board is an add-on for LG Tipjars from version 3.21.0710 or higher. And shows a top 5 list of most tips from all LG tip jars.
- Ideal for clubs & parties but also usable in the commercial sector.


1x LG-Tip Board [GER] 2.21.0711 (Deutsche Version) (copy) (no trans)
1x LG-Tip Board [ENG] 2.21.0711 (Englische Version) (copy) (no trans)
1x LG-Tip Board [Color-HUD (GER/ENG)] [Tragen/Wear] (copy) (no trans)


- Complete German & English menu. (2 versions)
- Access for owner, group or access list selectable.
- Choice of color of the text in 11 colors to match the tipjars.
- 2 fonts for text can be selected (analog - digital)
- 11 background designs can be selected via menu (gold, metal, marble, wood, etc.).
- Color HUD with up to 16 million colors for (board prim / font colors / display)
- User list adjustable via notecard.
- View the top 5 highest depositors.
- Tip lists store for a maximum of 100 donors.
- Data reception can be switched off.
- List function to output the complete lists in the CHAT.
- Supports Display Names function.
- Including update function.