LG-Spanker HUD

Produkt Beschreibung

LG-Spanker HUD Info [ENG]1.21.0822:
The LG-Spanker HUD is an extension of the LG-Spanker. That is used for comfortable operation of the spanker.
Requires the possession of the latest LG spanker version 4.21.0819 or higher.

125 L$

1 x LG-Spanker HUD [GER/ENG] 1.21.0822 (no mod/copy/no transfer)


- Language switchable (German & English).
- Direct switch-off of the Sapnker.
- Directly select the Spanker menu.
- Direct spanking yourself.
- Direct spanking by other people.
- 2 slots for spanking others (target / partner).
- All 3 spank slots choice of impact strength
- Update function.


How do I use the LG Spanker HUD?
The spanker is simply worn and can be used immediately.

Before you can use the two lower slots for spanking you first have to enter a person.
You do this by having another person with LG Spanker nearby and accordingly
of the slot to be used either by pressing the target symbol or the heart symbol. The HUD asks inside
LG spankers present from 100 meters. And then outputs this to a menu in memory. Now can
this person can be spanked via the Spanker HUD.

In addition to the spank slot, there is a corresponding display of the impact strength with 3 bars. Depending on your needs
you can select the impact strength by clicking directly on the bars.